The Scotia Wind, A Rustic Retreat For Women, Women Writers & Women Artists

Update Feb 24, 2017: I am in the process of rebuilding this website and a new blog page so please bear with me. 


You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes,
you may kill me with your hatefullness, but still, like air, I'll Rise.

Maya Angelou



Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual,
you have an obligation to be one.

Eleanor Roosevelt






How many times have you wished for a place to go, just to be left alone to work things out in your own way and time, in serenity? A place where no one can get ahold of you unless it's what you want.  To talk with others who have been through the same experiences without the victim blaming and finger pointing.  I am currently working to develop just a place on my land in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 

What relaxes you?  A soft, quiet winter snow, watching the ocean on a warm sunny day as the sparkles dance on the water, sitting under a tree with a nice cool breeze flowing over you with just your thoughts and maybe a good book?  The only interruptions are those you allow.  This is your time, your rules, plain and simple. 

To be able to walk thru the woods, smell the pine trees, watch a squirrel, the birds or a deer, to feel the peace, is magic.  What a wonderful place to just........ be. 

You will have time to read, listen to music, time for the bubble bath you always want but never get.  What's up with that?  Take a nap when you wish. Regenerate your strength your way. 

The choices are yours and choices are free as so few things are any more.  I can't say how many times I wished for a place in the woods when I needed it.  

 No one is going to tell you not to cry, I'll probably cry with you!  I really object to those who tell us not to cry; " Be Strong", "Don't let them see you crying"  Blah blah frikken blah! Oh Bull!  That's what's wrong with this world, no one cries or allow themselves to feel!  Heaven forbid we should show any emotions at all!  Oh! The drama of it all!  Let's all just be robots! Those who do show emotion are looked upon as drama queens.  Burying our emotions when we need to let them fly is one cause of emotional and physical problems.  It's just as the song says, "it's MY party and I'll cry if I want to".  Our life is OUR party!

The retreat will be on my 27 acres in Deerfield only 15-20 minutes from town, a very pretty area in the country. The property is right on a main road but doesn't parallel the road, it angles back which gives for privacy which I take very seriously.  I am making sure this retreat will not be seen from the road and there will be security. There will NOT be a sign roadside but there will be visuals which I will tell you about before you arrive.  Otherwise someone will just drive right by and not know this is here. If I come to get you from the airport you won't need to worry about that.

This is not going to be a high end spa that is going to have you running from here to there for the manicure, massage or facial, those can be scheduled as they are available in town and I have a friend with a mobile shoppe who will come here. This is the opposite end of that spectrum.  This is peace and quiet in it's truest form.  

Everyone will be treated the same as we are all human.  I don't care how poor, rich or famous you are, don't care about your skin color, race or sexual orientatons, in my world you are one of the gang. If you disagree with this, you get to use the outhouse!  Done, end of subject!


Gain strength with new friends who have experienced what you have.

I will also be creating the stomping ground. Oh you're going to love this! This is where we go as a group or alone to stomp the heck out of the ground, scream, hollar and cry it out and then laugh at ourselves because we did and it felt ohhhhhhhhh so goooooooood!  How many times have we wished we could go out to the woods and do just that?


 No over programming, no unsolicited advice. This retreat is not based on religion or anything else that doesn't fit your need. It's based on what you need.  For those who wonder if their cell phones work here, yes.  Mine works fine and there are several cell towers around. If coming from the states or any where else in the world, you may want to check with your cell provider about getting a temporary out of country plan so you don't get charged outrageous roaming prices. There will also be internet.  

When on a walk in the woods, to elimate any possible stress of getting lost, getting tired, needing to sit or needing a washroom,  there are going to be directional markers,  benches and old fashioned outhouses.  Yes, I said it and there you have it!  Sure I could've chosen a more politically correct word, but why? You might want to bring your sense of humour because you are going to need it here.  Don't have one?  You will before you leave!

There will be water along the way and measures will be taken to protect against the wildlife you don't want to see.



Cape Forchu Lighthouse Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 2014



Those who 'really'  know me, know normally I am a laid back person with a killer sense of humour. They will also tell you that when you meet me, you will think you've known me forever because I am blessed to have that trait.  You know you have a friend right away, but those who ruffle my feathers?  Stand back!  So feel safe and protected when you are here because you will be!        

I  don't like pictures to be taken of those who stay here unless everyone is ok with it.  This is also to protect anyone who comes here.  I say this as I've already been contacted by some who need what I am offering here, to be confidential. 


ABOUT YARMOUTH    Yarmouth County is soothing to the soul it's so beautiful here, the lighthouse at Cape Forchu, the Sandford Bridge and so much more. We have our own theatre, the Y'arc, the Cinema,  the Mariner Centre and so much to see. 

Plenty of fresh Seafood, (can't get any fresher) Pizza, Chinese food, Canadian food and might just be able to find a hamburger joint too.   Also there is the shopping mall, Walmart, a library and the hospital is close by.

But more importantly is the history of this beautiful town.  We just celebrated our 250th birthday in 2011.  This is a fishing town with so much history it's mind boggling.  Everywhere you look here it's beautiful.  The people are so warm and friendly you would think you belong here and maybe you do.  Yarmouth is the furthermost southwestern gateway into the Maritimes.  I only have one thing to say about your visit here, hang on to your heart.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeessssssss!


ABOUT CANADA   Bare in mind that once you enter Canada, all is in metric; speed limits, milage signs etc.  So when driving use that other set of numbers on your speedometer, the ones under what you are used to using. But if you rent a car in Canada that won't be an issue.  Use the top numbers then.

 Currency is the same as far as the US denominations.  We don't have one dollar bills here, instead we have the loonie which is a dollar coin with the queen on one side and a loon on the other.  We also have a toonie, which is a $2 coin with a gold center and a silver outer ring.  The rest of the coins are the same, quarter, dimes, nickals and pennies.  Our paper money is in different colours depending on the denomination, 5, 10, 20 etc.


Sandford Bridge

Currently the smallest operating bridge in the world

Wide enough for 2 people side by side


ABOUT ME   I am Juanita, owner-operator.  I'll  be living here 24/7-365 days a year.  I am doing this to make our world a better place.  I am not interested in becoming rich from this, but to help other women.

 I am a Canadian woman who was raised in the states and returned home to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Easter weekend 09.  I couldn't have made a better move. 

 I have lived in Lima, Peru, South America, Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Washington State, California, Georgia,  Arizona,  Maine,  NewFoundland,  Pennsylvania and New York.  I earned my Private Pilot License in Arizona. 

I was adopted from Yarmouth by a well to do American family. They were seen as "intelligent, beautiful" people.  We traveled alot because of Dad's flying career.  We lived well and I never wanted for anything as far as clothes, food and money went.  Even after my parents divorce I  was never without the basic needs.  My mother and I still traveled alot.  I went to Private School,  wore the best clothes, rode horses (a passion of mine)  and went to fancy dances. What a life huh? Well...................

Fast forward to 2011;  I know more about abuse then I want to.  With all the information out there,  I'm amazed at the amount of ignorance about abuse.  When a woman has removed herself from an abusive situation, the healing process can take years.  It has been compared by mental health professionals, to returning POW's.  Some just don't realize the extent of the abuse. 

 As in my case, to this day, my family still doesn't believe my ex husband was an abuser therefore have little to do with me. They feel I've lied to them because he was just such a "nice" guy.  Yeah, they usually are....... in public.  I have been abused by my adopted father, 2 ex-husbands and certain family members.  Not all abuse is physical, some is verbal, some is emotional, some is sexual.  I've had it all. 

 Abusers come in all races, colors, religions and social classes.  You'd have a hard time picking one out of a crowd. 

 An abuser can get you to believe you are worthless and don't deserve any better then what you are getting from him.  When you love an abuser, they have a power over you that sneaks in without you ever realizing til it's too late sometimes.  When I say it sneaks in I mean just that!

Using myself as an example; when I met my 2nd and final abuser, I was a strong and independent woman, working and taking care of myself.  I was not easily fooled (or so I thought) since I had already been in one horribly abusive marriage. 

 Along he comes, totally gorgeous, totally charming, totally intelligent and totally everything a woman wants in a man.  Guess I hadn't learned yet,  if something is too good to be true, it is!  I fell hook, line and sinker. 

He was not the first to come in my life in the 4 years since my divorce from abuser #1, but he was what I thought, the first intelligent life, he was that smooth.   A year later, a month after the wedding was when I saw the first sign of trouble when abuser #2 got mad about some little thing and broke a mirror.  I grabbed my purse and headed for the door, there was no way I was going thru this again and I was mad as hell at myself for not seeing it!  There was nothing to see as he hid it so well.  He met me at the door with the apologies and promises and I really didn't want another divorce, I thought ok maybe I can love him out of this.  Ha!

 Abusers are very good at hiding this trait, very charming and can lure you in and you think you have died and gone to heaven.  No one will ever convince me abusers can't help themselves as they can turn it on and off at will.  Abuse affects everyone in the immediate family there is no doubt of that,  but as I have already stated, the damage can extend out from there.  Ignorance and non-belief by family members of abuse is just as damaging as from the abuser himself.

Fifteen years later I was able to crawl out of that relationship, but it took several years of counseling to regain my emotional strength.  Abuser #2 never hit me but he constantly belittled me and his anger issues ended up being worse then the physical abuse from abuser #1.  First abuser drank up all the money each payday and if it hadn't been for his mother, the kids and I would not have eaten.  He beat me constantly and walked on me with this logging corks.  Think of golf shoes with longer and sharper spikes.

 I learned too late abuser #2 hated his parents and hated all the pretty blondes who rejected him. So maybe blondes aren't as dumb after all huh? 

 As I left him, he said, my leaving him was like my leaving for another man, this was his attempt at a guilt trip aimed at me.  I kept walking although my heart was breaking because he didn't want to fix the problem.  This was not what I wanted but had to leave to stay sane. These were lightweight words compared to what others who have left abusive relationships have heard.  I could tell you some things that would raise the hair on your neck but I think you get the idea here.  I got fooled once again.

I went along in life just feeling relieved I got out once again, went to stay with a girl friend in Florida til I got on my feet again.  I found life very trying after awhile because I realized I didn't trust anyone, not anyone. 

I did manage one short relationship but removed myself quickly when he allowed his brother to be verbally abusive to me.  This is something I am still paying for because a family member dear to me, who was my rock, chooses to believe there are no abusers in Newfoundland.  Yeah I know, there isn't anything you can say here that I haven't already said or thought.  It just blows the mind!

 I realized I needed more healing and help because I wasn't doing well on my own.  I recall at that time the inklings of wanting a place of solitude and peace in the woods.  The woods had always been a deep healing source for me, but I also had a travel bug in my system.  Traveling is not only a part of my personality but how I was raised.  I mention about traveling as I've had family members tell me I was wrong for traveling.  So if anyone figures this out, email me and let me know ok?  After 15 years of being told what I could eat, wear and so on, I was reveling in making my own decisions again.

Also as an added note on this 10th day of Dec. 2011, 37 years after I got away from abuse the first time, it has struck my life again because of abuser #1.  So you can see how it can either hang on or come back at you.  I won't go into detail here about it because there are 4 people dear to me I don't want to hurt any more then they already are, but, I have been fighting writing about this subject and I can see it's time to do just that. 

 I came home to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2003, lived and worked here for a year.  That didn't work out for lack of family support for anything.  So back to the states I went broken hearted. 

 I existed for the next the 3 years.  I was laid off my job in summer of 07 and had also been sick from heat exhaustion.  I finally had enough, packed up and came back home but with a plan this time.  In the process of getting back here I ended up homeless for 7 months.  It started out horrific for me but ended up beautifully.  That story is saved for my book.  I realized since I have 27 beautiful acres here, WHY AM I NOT ON THEM?  Why am I not making my own retreat?  Why am I not making a retreat for all women?  I know I am not the only one who needs to heal.  Even though I am fairly healed there is always room for improvement.


Resident Photographer

You are going to see somethings on this website that look like sheer sillyness and that is because I am done being serious (except when needed) and there is a reason for everything on here. 


Some will say it's crazy that I don't want women who have been here to tell about it.  What about the commercial aspect of it all?   Women who come here can talk about it all they want, but I won't confirm they have been here without their written consent. This retreat is not about making myself rich or famous off those who need a place to go for their own reasons, otherwise the prices would be higher then they will be. This is about helping women, simple as that.  To the paparazzi, fair warning, this is my private property and I won't have it.  Think I'm kidding, don't try me!


Getting Here 

The most pleasant way to get here is to either drive or fly to Portland Maine and take the ferry to Yarmouth.  You can take a cab from the airport to the ferry, it's not far, maybe a 20 minute drive.  It's about a 6 hour ferry trip and you can either walk onto the ferry or drive your vehicle onto it. You can rent cars here in Yarmouth.  The ferry is equipped to handle campers/motorhomes.  You'll want to check the website for the ferry prices.  Once you leave your vehicle if you drive onto the ferry you can't go back to it till you pull into Yarmouth Harbour, so pack a goodie bag for the stay on the ferry. 

You can also fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, rent a car and drive back 3 hours to Yarmouth.

 You can also drive towards Bangor, Maine taking US 95. Right before getting to Bangor you'll take Rt. 4 to Rt. 9.  On Rt 9 it's about a 3 hour drive to Calais, Maine where you cross over into Canada at St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  Then it's a one hour drive east going to St. John to catch the ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia.  This is a 3 hour ride. Then it's about another 45 minutes to an hour drive to Yarmouth.

 You can also fly to Bangor, Maine and rent a car at the airport, go south on US 95 a few miles to Rt. 4 and follow the driving directions from there.   The links for the two ferries are listed below and to the left. 



Please feel free to sign my guestbook.  I have made it private so no one sees what you write but me.

Portland Ferry

Digby Ferry




Education On Abuse

In the US: call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).
UK: call
Women’s Aid at 0808 2000 247.
Canada: call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-363-9010.
Australia: call
1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732.
Worldwide: visit
International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies for a global list of helplines and crisis centers.


Jan. 20, 2014  I want to tell those of you who have complimented my writings, how much it means to me!  It's something that has been in me for years but I didn't let it out to the public.  I keep getting the compliments that just blow me away.  I know I don't always show how blown away I am but some of you know.  Someone told me today that my work is beautiful and again I was blown away.  I never thought I could find something that could give me such peace.  My only regret at this time is that I don't have more time.  I am working on putting myself into a position to do 2 things only, write and have the women's retreat built and running.




Proud Mary * Tina Turner

Susan Boyle

A Very Brave Woman

In December 2013, one of my short stories was published by Polar Expressions Publishing in BC.  The book is titled, The Sun Shall Rise.  It's a collection of short stories by Canadian writers.  More information and the piece are on my blog attached to this website.  Please scroll down and click on the BLOG link. The story is titled, "Wings Of Freedom".



I am also writing for a women's website.  I have placed those writings in my blog as well.

She's Called Nova Scotia

Cape Forchu 24/7 Webcam

Ferry from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia

Our Local Radio Station

Dumping Day 2012

Live Lobster Cam


Xmas House, short version

The Christmas House Longer Version

It's exactly what you think it is.






Licensed Private Pilot 



I have a facebook page called The Scotia Wind if you care to join.  There is no link as it's a secret room, a safe room where posts and members can't be seen from the outside.  Feel free to email me to join and I will add you.